Water mist-fire suppression system
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Summary of water mist fire extinguishing system

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Summary of water mist fire extinguishing system

1.About high pressure fine water mist

10MPa,???????????,???????,??????100~200MPa? High-pressure fine water mist, also known as micro-water mist, has a pressure of more than 10 MPa. It is based on a positive displacement pump. Generally, a plunger pump is used, and the system pressure can reach 100 to 200 MPa. High-pressure fine water mist systems and devices are generally safe for the purpose of safety, economy and efficiency. The pressure is usually 10-20 MPa. High-pressure fine water mist refers to water mist with a D V0.99 <100 ?m generated at a pressure of not less than 10 MPa.

1~2MPa),??????????,?????1~2MPa??????????,?????,???????????????,??????? Traditional fine water mist refers to medium and low pressure fine water mist (pressure 1 ~ 2MPa), which is based on the centrifugal pump. The fine water mist or water spray with a pressure of usually about 1 ~ 2MPa, has a large amount of water, and The big difference in water spraying is that the spray head is replaced, and the rest are very little changed.

The high pressure water mist fire extinguishing system is fundamentally different from the traditional medium and low pressure water mist (water spray) fire extinguishing system from the principle of pressure formation to the flow and pressure control of the entire system and the core components. The working principle of the core components and the materials used A series of fundamental differences, bringing huge differences in fire suppression efficiency, fire suppression type, and application site. In addition to replacing the traditional medium and low pressure water mist (water spray), the high pressure water mist can also replace gas, aerosol, dry powder, foam, water spray, fire hydrant and other fire extinguishing systems.

The high-pressure water mist technology is the forefront of the development of green fire protection technology at home and abroad. It is a highly effective and environmentally friendly fire extinguishing technology that crosses multiple disciplines. Its advanced fire extinguishing mechanism breaks through the traditional fire extinguishing concept and is a revolution in the history of fire technology development.

"?????????????????????????????"??????????????? Today, fire prevention problems in areas such as "high-rise buildings, underground spaces, public places, old towns, transportation, and petrochemicals" , which are known as worldwide problems, are becoming increasingly prominent. Strong shield high pressure water mist fire protection technology products have become an effective means to solve many fire problems due to their advanced fire extinguishing, cooling, smoke reducing mechanism and excellent performance.

The high-pressure water mist not only has high-efficiency water-saving, safe and environmentally-friendly fire extinguishing functions, but also has special smoke, temperature and poison reduction functions. It can quickly isolate the source of fire, effectively degrade and block the smoke and toxic gases at the fire scene, and form an escape route, which is conducive to evacuation of personnel and protects the safety of life of firefighters. "??????????????"?????????? The various flexible applications of high-pressure water mist technology products in different places reflect the trinity development thinking of "fire suppression effect, personal safety and environmental protection".

2.Fire extinguishing mechanism

1%,????200-300?? The high-pressure water mist has a dual fire extinguishing mechanism of efficient cooling and rapid suffocation, forming a special state between liquid and gas. The water consumption is 1% of the traditional fire extinguishing method , and the efficiency is 200-300 times.

l Balanced surface cooling, efficient heat absorption;

suffocate and extinguish, and it only occurs around the source of the fire;

l Impact emulsification and dilution; block heat radiation; wash smoke and exhaust gas.

10MPa??)?????????????,?????10~100?m???,??????????10?m??,???????,?????1700~5800?,??????,???????????;??,?????????,????????????,?????????? When water (pressure is above 10MPa) is sprayed from a nozzle made of a special material, a water mist with a particle size of 10 to 100 ?m is formed. Most of the high-pressure ultra-fine water mist has a particle diameter of less than 10 ?m. It will evaporate quickly after being exposed to fire and its volume can expand. From 1700 to 5800 times, it absorbs a large amount of heat and rapidly reduces the temperature of the combustion surface. At the same time, water vapor forms water vapor, which surrounds and covers the combustion area as a whole, and suffocates due to lack of oxygen.

The three characteristics of high-pressure water mist are:

1) The diameter of mist particles should be as small as possible, micron level;

2) The flying speed of fog particles should be as fast as possible, greater than 100m / s;

3) The number of fog particles in a unit space should be as large as possible;

When these three conditions are met, the excellent performance of high-pressure water mist extinguishing, cooling, and smoke reduction is fully demonstrated.

Generally speaking, because the micron-level droplets of the high-pressure fine water mist have the characteristics of three-dimensional movement, the high-pressure fine water mist forms a three-dimensional cover when extinguishing fire, smoke, and temperature. Drop, a three-dimensional multi-dimensional moving layer and covering layer are formed at the root of the flame and in the high temperature area, coupled with the effects of rapid cooling and lowering the oxygen concentration around the fire source during rapid vaporization, making it a three-dimensional multi-functional for fire suppression, cooling, and smoke reduction The effects quickly manifest themselves.

Droplet diameter


Water surface area per liter

(M 2 )

Vaporization time


Free fall speed

(M / s)

















3. Characteristics of high-pressure water mist fire extinguishing system

1%,???????(?)???,??????????????? Safety, environmental protection and water saving : Water is used as the fire extinguishing agent, with dual fire extinguishing mechanisms such as efficient cooling and suffocation. It has no harm to the human body and has no impact on the environment. It will not decompose at high temperatures to produce harmful substances. There is no harm to the personnel inside, which is conducive to the escape and rescue of the on-site personnel. The water consumption is 1% of the water spray , which reduces the volume of the fire water tank (pool) and avoids secondary disasters caused by a large amount of drainage.

100???,?????????? High-efficiency continuous fire extinguishing : high-pressure water mist is convenient for water extraction, sustainable fire extinguishing, rapid cooling and rapid aerobic, and the cooling speed is more than 100 times faster than the general sprinkler system , which effectively prevents fire re-ignition.

Heat blocking and purification effect : Fine water mist has a good shielding effect on heat radiation, which can eliminate smoke and poisonous gas, and reduce the harm caused by smoke and poisonous gas generated during combustion.

10~100?m,??????????,???????????, ??????????????????????? , ???????????????????????,?????????,???????????? Good electrical insulation : high-pressure water mist droplets have a small diameter of 10 to 100 ?m. After spraying, the droplets are discontinuous and can be suspended in the air for a long time . It takes a considerable amount and time to complete the water mist. Convergence and condensation , so it is difficult to form a conductive continuous water flow or surface water area on the electrode surface. It has excellent electrical insulation and can effectively extinguish fire of live equipment.

Strong applicability : The protection space has no requirements for sealing and pressure resistance, can maintain natural ventilation and has strong penetrating power, and has strong applicability.

60?? High reliability : The system can be regularly spray tested after the system is installed; the system is made of stainless steel, which has high reliability and long life, and the service life can reach 60 years.

Flexible configuration : the whole space system protects the entire space, and can also be used locally to protect independent facilities or part of the facilities in the space.

10~50mm,?????;??????????????????????,????,??????????? Space-saving and easy installation : Compared with traditional fire extinguishing systems, the pipe diameter is small, only 10-50mm, and the space is small; traditional large fire-fighting pools and high-level water tanks do not need to be set up, saving space and comprehensive system investment Cost-effective.

Convenient maintenance : only water is used as the fire extinguishing agent, and the atmospheric pressure in the standby state, the daily maintenance workload and cost are greatly reduced.

4. Electrical safety of high-pressure water mist

1)???????? ( 1) Fire characteristics of electrical equipment

l Initial fires are dominated by dense smoke and flammable gases, and the temperature is low; they are sheltering and easy to reignite;

CO?HCl?HF????????,?????????,???????????????????,???????? l The fire smoke contains a large amount of toxic and corrosive gases such as CO, HCl, HF, etc., and it is easy to spread in electrical cabinets, corrode electronic components such as cables, electrical switches, circuit boards, etc., and cause secondary disasters.

FCCNRC)?????????:?????????,95%???????,??5%?????????? US Federal Communications Commission Cyber Security Council ( FCCNRC) cybersecurity research report: 95% of the fire losses in communication room fires were caused by smoke, and only 5% were caused by fire temperature. Therefore, the fire extinguishing system of the electrical protective space needs to have a smoke removal effect, which can greatly reduce the loss caused by smoke, and only the high-pressure water mist has the taught smoke reduction effect.

2)???????? ( 2) AC withstand voltage test

3)????????????????? ( 3) High-pressure water mist fire extinguishing experiment in weak electrical room and power distribution room

l Computer host and display

1:????,?????? l Distribution cabinet 1: power on, plus electrical load

2:???????????,??? l Distribution cabinet 2: laying power cables and signal cables, which are blocked

l Cable tray: laying power cables and signal cables

l Fire model: The cable is heated by electric wires to simulate a cable fire.

Experimental results: fast fire extinguishing and good electrical insulation.

5. Cooling and detoxifying effects of high-pressure water mist

The cooling and detoxifying effect of high-pressure water mist is not available in any other fire fighting method. NRC)?????????????,???????????????15?????50?,????????CO?CO 2 ??????? 0.08%?3.5%(CO?????1.5%,1-3??????????,CO 2 ?????? 25%?,????????,????),????????????????????????????????,?????????????????? The Canadian National Research Agency ( NRC) conducted a water spray fire extinguishing experiment in the engine room. It was found that the temperature in the engine room quickly dropped to 50 C within 15 seconds after the spray of the water mist. More than 0.08% and 3.5% (CO volume concentration of 1.5%, can cause death in 1-3 minutes, when CO 2 volume concentration is 25%, it can paralyze the respiratory center and cause poisoning), that is, fine water mist The concentration of combustion products in the machine room can be maintained at a level that is not harmful to people, which is conducive to personnel entering the machine room for fire fighting.

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