Water mist-fire suppression system
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Product advantages of water mist fire extinguishing system

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Product advantages of water mist fire extinguishing system

Jiangsu Qiangdun Fire-fighting Equipment Co., Ltd. has strong independent research and development capabilities. It has independently developed high-pressure water mist series components: high-pressure pump units, zone control valves, high-pressure water mist nozzles, high-pressure check valves, safety relief valves, and fast Connectors, filtering devices, etc., have completely independent intellectual property rights, and their scientific and technological innovation capabilities are at the forefront of the same industry at home and abroad. At the same time, he has won many national, provincial and ministerial science and technology awards and participated in the compilation of many national standards.

Strong shield high pressure water mist fire extinguishing products mainly include three series of high pressure water mist fire extinguishing system, high pressure water mist fire extinguishing device and high pressure water mist fire truck . The product has passed the fire product conformity assessment center of the Ministry of Public Security and has been widely used in various fields at home and abroad.

1%,??????200~300?;?????????????;????????,?????;?????A?B?C???????? The strong shield high-pressure water mist fire extinguishing system has the advantages of high efficiency, water saving, safety and environmental protection, and wide application range. The water consumption is only 1% of the sprinkler system , and the fire extinguishing efficiency is 200 to 300 times. It has the dual fire extinguishing effects of cooling and suffocation; Can wash smoke and poisonous gas, shield heat radiation; can effectively extinguish A, B, C and electrical fires.

? Various types of high-pressure fine water spray nozzles

100????????????????? According to different application places, it can be divided into high-pressure fine water spray nozzles for more than 100 different places, such as open-type sprinklers, closed-type sprinklers, partitioned sprinklers, high-space dedicated sprinklers, and ultra -fine water-fog sprinklers.

? Safe and reliable high pressure pump

High-pressure pump with various flow and pressure. The main parts of the high-pressure pump are made of stainless steel. According to the actual situation, the system can realize a variety of flow and pressure output through the combination of pump sets.

? Divisional control valve, fluid control valve, connector

Diverse control valves of various specifications and models, fast response, safe and reliable, instant opening and closing;

Series of different specifications of stainless steel pipe fittings, high pressure check valve, high pressure hose and other products.

? System filtering device

With a variety of different specifications and models of filtering devices to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the system. The filtering device is used to filter the fire-fighting water provided by the water tank or pipe network to ensure the normal operation of the high-pressure pump, fine water spray nozzles and various control valves in the system. According to different use parts, it can be divided into: water source filter, pipe network filter and sprinkler filter.

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