Water mist-fire suppression system
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Water mist hydrant system

Category: Fine Water Mist--Fire Fighting System
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Water mist hydrant system

Composition: It consists of a high-pressure pump unit, a system filtering device, a water tank, a high-pressure water mist hydrant box body, a rotary winch, and a combined spray gun.

1)?????,????????,?????????; Features: 1) After the fire is discovered, you can immediately start the fire extinguishing and walk while extinguishing the fire;

2) The recoil of the spray gun is small, which is convenient for fire extinguishing operation and can be used quickly by non-professional firefighters;

3) Remote nozzle and short-range nozzle can be switched freely.

Application: It can supply water to long-distance places and super high-rise buildings once. Not only can replace the traditional fire hydrant, but also very suitable for archival warehouses, ancient buildings, electronic equipment workshops, high-rise buildings, tobacco elevated warehouses, railway highway tunnels, subways and other places that require high fire extinguishing efficiency and minimal water damage loss. It has the incomparable fast fire extinguishing, smoke reducing and temperature reducing effect of traditional fire hydrant.

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